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What clients say

A small start-up backed by venture capital competing to become the global leader transforming e-sports and a region in Sweden with nearly 6.000 employees running all public health care, public transport and regional development.


Different situations, but they both face big challenges, wanting to really accelerate change and increase focus on what matters the most. We use the same methods for all clients, mixing OKRs with a smarter dialogue to support their own ability to accelerate change. See what difference we made for them: 


Philip Skogsberg

We're in a phase where we recently doubled our organisation to 20 people and plan to be over 40 soon in several locations. Already running fast, we need to have a structure that keeps everyone focused and aligning what we do. This also goes for the team of founders managing the company, having sometimes too many things on our plate. This is why we looked at introducing OKRs. 


In shorter coaching sessions with Go OKR we have worked on tools for managers to have dialogue and develop our teams. It felt like the coaching built on our own ideas and at the same time gave practical next steps in the situation we are in. We continue to have "check-ins" with the coach to keep us on track.


Martin Myrskog
Regional Director

Go OKR helped us develop our goal setting process with new templates, training over 300 managers and 25 management teams, as well as coaching our strategic projects. This has developed our skills - setting goals, prioritising, planning and follow-up. We still use Balanced Scorecard and with the OKRs we achieved the necessary focus, even if we don't call it OKR internally.

Today we have a much better focus on fewer objectives and more measurable key results. We still need to continue these improvements, but the introduction of a much more frequent feedback loop with a practical dialogue method keeps us more active on what matters the most. We now have more capacity and expertise to deal with our challenges to manage scarce resources, an aging population and wanting to accelerate digitalisation of health care.

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