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Accelerate Change

Accelerate change with Objectives and Key Results (OKR) together with our SF Dialogue. Increase focus on what matters and align your teams.

Take your next steps

 Go OKR helps organisations accelerate change and focus on what matters by adopting OKR, the modern framework for goal setting and feedback loops. We created the OKR Index and picked the best from Solution Focused Dialogue into a simple OKR method to help our clients reach their ‘wished situation’ faster.

Follow the example of other start-ups, global disruptors and large organisations - increase focus on the key results and become more agile with OKR. Read more about various organizations that we helped accelerating with OKR.

We are the leading independent OKR consultants in the Nordics, helping you to adapt the tools you already have, or choose a new OKR software.​ From Stockholm and London, with a global network of coaches, we help you on your next steps. 


Stories from small and big

Two clients with very interesting challenges describe why they use OKRs and how Go OKR is making a difference.

One is a small, fast growing tech start-up with global customers. The other is a big organisation responsible for public health care, transport and regional development.

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New to OKR or ready to level up?

We are experienced coaches adapting to your situation to accelerate your change.
The unique OKR Index shows your opportunities with OKR and your next steps. Practical workshops give you skills to get the most out of OKRs and a smarter dialogue.
Coaching supports your acceleration.

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OKR and smart dialogue

We believe in the power of dialogue to accelerate change. We have picked the best from Solution Focused Dialogue to fit the key situations in the OKR process. Through simple tools and training we put this in the hands of our clients to create their success.. 


Contact us to find out how our services could accelerate your change.

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