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We are passionate about accelerating change with our unique OKR tools 
alongside training managers to use a smarter dialogue to get immediate and sustainable results. 

Our unique OKR Index, workshops and coaching give you tools and training to take your next steps. We work with small start-ups to big organisations. Whether you are new to OKR or about to level up, our coaches are experienced to support your unique steps.

OKR Index

New to OKR or already on it?
The OKR Index Analysis gives you a clear picture of the possible benefits with OKR in your organisation, identifying what is already working and what to develop. Get the most out of OKRs! 

What is your OKR Index?

Our unique OKR Index includes success areas to better focus, accelerate change and becoming more agile as an organisation. With the OKR Index Analysis we help you identify how you could take your next steps to improve success factors linked to goal setting, planning, follow-up, alignment and what results you achieve.

Business Growth

OKR Workshops

Workshops leading to your next steps. Use OKRs the best way. Try our smart dialogue for more focus and results, get useful tools for check-ins and working on alignment. 

Start-up package

This includes a full day workshop for up to 20 people and coaching during three months to ensure the effective adoption of the capabilities developed during the training. It can be expanded both by adding more workshops or by extending the coaching period. The approach is modular and can be customised to meet your needs. Other options include:

  • OKR at scale: support for a full OKR implementation at scale.

  • Executive overview: learn more about OKRs before committing to implement it and evaluate how it would be a good fit for your organisation.


OKR Coaching

Coaching sessions individually or in smaller groups to support your next steps. 

  • On demand, or scheduled sessions to regularly support your improvement process.

  • Physical meetings or video calls.

  • Answering specific questions about your OKR implementation.

  • Doing a quick assessment of your OKR implementation.

Business Meeting

Find out what difference we could make for you? Contact us today.

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